Thursday, 13 September 2012

Formby Beach.

                                                          Formby Beach.

A few weeks ago we went Formby Beach.I went with my Uncle,Grandma,Twin Aunts,Mum,Little  Bro and Sis and Cousin.

I woke up, I could smell bread.My Mum had made Chicken bread for the trip.I got dressed  went down and had breakfast wile the the others got changed.We then went to the shop and got innocent 
juice.We went to my Grandmas and waited for the others to get ready we got in the car and left to the beach.We got there  an hour later.

The first thing we did was eat.My grandma brought chicken and naan.We ate and then made a sandcastle.After a wile some teenager fell in the sea for she was splashing about.Her eyes went so round that they almost looked like maltesers.

We then went Formby woods which is inside the beach.There were supposed to be Red Squiralls but we didn't spot any.

After that we went on a big walk,which was very fun.when my uncle was walking he walked right into a big swarm of tiny flies.

I got alot of shells I found a shell that was purple and white,I found a black and orange one.(these shells look like snail shells.)

We then went to my grandmas house.

                                        The End.

(Sorry there are no pictures maybe you could look on google images. These are only images.)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

stamp collecting

  Hi I have started to stamp collect.It is very fun.
How to stamp collect;-
1.Buy a book to keep your stamps in.
2.If you buy a catalloge that has lots of stamps(pictuers of stamps)it also you some rare stamp.
3.Collect stamp from your mailTry not to rip the stamps(if you do they dont count so if there rare you can keep it but cant sell it)
5.Then stick them in your book and have a look at your catalloge and see if there rear
  I dont have a catalloge but I use the internet to help.But if you have a rare stamp think if your gonna but on news!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

our trip to Hollingworth lake

Hi I went to a lake in Rochdale called hollingworth lake.If you were to walk around the lake like I did it would be 1m and half.Its not tireing at all you can also stand near the lake but not to close.
                                                      Here are some pictures.